Born in New York, Michael founded Miami-based fashion label Miansai while still in college. Miansai has grown into a renowned lifestyle and fashion success story, available online and around the world in 40 US states and 36 countries, including flagship retail stores in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami.
Michael is also the founder of Laif.Works, a US-based supplier of personal protective equipment that provides critical supplies to government, global organizations and health care systems around the world.
Michael and Rachael have always integrated philanthropy into their work, partnering their businesses with Rachael’s organization Style Saves, a non-profit, and support numerous good causes internationally.

“It’s so important to be passionate about your product and have a real vision that you stick to. It doesn’t matter if trends are pointing one way – stick to your vision. Don’t let anyone cast doubt on you, believe in yourself and be prepared to work really hard.”MICHAEL SAIGER

“This philosophy of service and creating a sense of community that extends beyond the factory is something that sets Miansai aside as a thriving business with a commitment to giving back.”ROYTEL MONTERO, FORBES