Michael Saiger

Michael Saiger is the Founder of Saiger LLC, conducting business as Miansai and Laif.Works. Michael and his wife Rachael have a daughter, Sunny and a son, Miles.


Born in New York, Michael founded the Miami-based fashion label Miansai while in college. Miansai has grown into a renowned lifestyle and fashion success story, available online and around the world in 40 US states and 36 countries, including flagship retail stores in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami.


More recently, Michael has provided personal protective equipment to health professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic. With 15 years specialist experience in the production and distribution of high-quality goods sourced at best value from reputable factories in Asia as well as an extensive network of contacts there, Michael delivered in terms of speed, quality and value at the height of the pandemic – something few others were able to match. Michael is exceptionally proud to have played a part in providing frontline workers in the UK, including nurses, doctors and hospital staff, with the millions of pieces of PPE they need to stay safe and to save lives.


Throughout the years, Michael and his wife Rachael have integrated philanthropy into the business. Rachael founded an organization called Style Saves, a non-profit that provides underprivileged students with school uniforms, supplies, clothing, accessories and basic necessities for back to school, Halloween, holiday, prom, graduation and disaster relief. Additionally, Michael and his team have also supported the global relief efforts in countries such as Haiti, Colombia, Nicaragua and Honduras, to name a few.


“Taking the time to help those less fortunate is important to myself and Miansai because through Style Saves we can make a direct impact with the kids and communities we work with.”MICHAEL SAIGER


“Boasting minimal-yet-striking designs and high-quality materials at affordable price points, Miansai is the jewelry brand the menswear world so desperately needed.”NICO AMARCA, ESQUIRE