Laif.Works is a supplier of personal protective equipment that provides critical supplies to government, global organizations and health care systems around the world. During the pandemic, Laif.Works produced and distributed over 500 million units of PPE and medical supplies internationally.


The team in Asia assures its “white-listed” partner factories are FDA registered, CE certified and have passed the strictest audits and due diligence tests. The business’ innovative approach is influenced by a strong network of factory relationships with streamlined manufacturing processes. This has allowed Laif.Works to reliably produce a carefully curated collection of safety products, including hand sanitizer, medical and non-medical grade masks, wipes, gloves, face shields, gowns and goggles.


With 15 years’ specialist experience in the production and distribution of high-quality goods sourced at best value from reputable factories in Asia, an extensive network of manufacturing and distribution contacts in Asia, and the ability to move rapidly because of the business’ agility and nimbleness, few other suppliers could match Laif.Works on speed, quality or value.


The combination meant that at the height of the pandemic, and at a time when countries across the world were in need of high-quality PPE that met the required safety standards, Michael delivered, on time and at value. He is exceptionally proud to have played a part in providing frontline workers, including nurses, doctors and hospital staff, with the millions of pieces of PPE they have needed to stay safe and to save lives.