Laif.Works is proud to be at the forefront of COVID-19 relief, shipping vital PPE around the world with care and speed while rising to the enormous challenge of the pandemic. During this time, Laif.Works has produced and distributed over 500 million units of PPE across the globe.

Laif.Works has provided critical supplies to a number of high-risk organizations, including governments and health care systems, helping key workers and pandemic heroes stay safe while they continue saving lives. Laif.Works knows that frontline workers deserve the best of the best and our rigorous standards of quality control, testing, and due diligence mean that our equipment, of the highest quality, will be delivered and used.

Laif.Works is detail-oriented and committed to the highest possible standards for our PPE products. Our team ensures that all partner factories are at the top of their game and have a solid track record of success.

The Laif.Works collection of safety products are carefully curated and sourced, focusing on items such as surgical gowns, masks, goggles, and hand sanitisers that are needed most in the fight against COVID-19. At each step of the production process, these products are carefully analyzed and reviewed by manufacturers to guarantee uniformity and consistency as well as to ensure manufacturing practices are being met. Additionally, all products are third-party tested to make sure they are in line with rigorous technical, health and safety standards.

From the meticulous cutting of surgical gowns to the detailed assembly of goggles, our team remains on-site throughout production to guarantee top quality items. To ensure corners aren’t being cut when it comes to PPE, Laif.Works goes above and beyond in making sure all products are exceptional when it comes to safety, quality and comfort.